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PDLC-film available in the following colors: white, black, dark blue, light blue, light yellow, light green and gray contrast film. We can also supply glass partitions for interior walls with Smartfilm between the glass. Smartfilm is glued to the glass on-site in Sweden. All film Laser cut in whatever form from you.
Max width smart glass is 1200mm - 1800mm without selfadesive or with selfadesive max 1200 - 1800mm depending on color choice, of the pdlc-film. Lighting conditions will determine how transparent the foil will be.

It reproduces superb imaging in both modes at the white and gray contrast, in transparent mode it renders the image as a holo-screen and off-mode as a rear projection screen with natural colors and high contrast on both sides of the film.

We also sell the power source, remote control and dimmer and app to your mobile. All film Laer cut in whatever form from you.We perform complete installations even with extremely large or wide imaging solutions with edge-blending solutions using multiple projectors.
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Different shades of blue shade below and black. Also own color can be produced on color sample has to be sent to us. The factory produces different colors to order from us.
We order the factory without expensive intermediaries.The films are cut by laser, so everything can be ordered in custom shape. Depending on the laser system. Although different car glass manufacturers. 

The color of the film is affected by the light behind the film when it does not have light behind in the off position.

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The colors can depending on the voice light of the light. can be ordered with or without selfadesive max 1.8m width without selfadesive and 1.2m wide with selfadesive.

Or size by request with volume of us. All films cut to the laser, even to different automotive glass if ordered at the same laser system. Please contact us. 

Even with clear glass panels manufactured in Sweden with laminated film between glass up to 1.8m width from the largest companies in Sweden with laminated saftety glass with guarantee with various colors i bettwen glasses.

Ask us if you have any special requests we organize. Contact us http://normandesign.se/
















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