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2015 New unique reflective screen-color combination that brings out the contrast and natural colors in light and dark environments. Updated over the years with better color spectra. Repaint your old movie screen, or a whole wall, and you can even see the image perfectly in a bright room - that is not possible with conventional white film screen.

You do not need to buy expensive, high-contrast projector. Works well with low-contrast cheap projector that shows videos without editing the video material.

You do not have to buy expensive movie-screen from well-known brands which are also expensive. The most affordable solution is if you paint your entire film-screen, or a portion of the wall, no need to advertise on the wall that has a screen and wall painting. In the images below, we paint a 100" screen on a concrete wall, the image is compared against the 17 "ASUS I7 with full HD screen resolution.

This is optimal for home cinemas,or museum, store, sports bar, public spaces and you can have the light on without diminishing the image. Images of dark and bright white wall with 3500ansi-lumen short throw projector below. 

Football on 100 Inch painted high contrast screen.small.jpg

 Test Evo against Super Nova Infinity screen 2.msite liten.jpg     Contrast site 332x206.jpg

small Nobel site.jpg     Paint IKEA .jpg

liten site Audicom.jpg     Bild site 1.jpg

     Utomhus Evo färgmix.smallm 2.jpg

Grym kontrast. liten site. 4.jpg     Test on Evo Screen-paint with older Panasonic PT-FW300.mp4_000049930.jpg

300ml Evo High Contrast color is enough for 3,2 square meters screen area 100" screen.

Diluted with water and rolled easily on the basis for matte finish. Fully covering at once. Works well on concrete, soft screen and hard materials. Can also be sprayed, and it is completely odorless. Color-mix can compete with screens that cost 6000$ for a 100" images and videos showing the final result in a fully bright room. Contact us for a quote for the size of the area you need to paint.

Price in Sweden for 300ml Evo high contrast screen paint 1398: - including shipping in Sweden.
World wide aboute 190U.S.$ inkluding shipping cost . Also available in larger packages.

Made in Sweden

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