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We can supply Dome-screens of rear projection type with the following sizes: 90cm, 150cm, and 180cm radius with superb image reproduction. They can be used for various simulations or even a cool picture solution in a store, at a disco, in museums etc. Warping and edgeblending software should be used if you wish to obtain 100% focus and full sharpness of the entire dome screen. We deliver Holo Screen and foil to cool transparent 3D applications that really draws the eye to it.

Zoom-quit Dome
Visualization 90cm Dome screen

Holoscreen VisualArt   

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Curved gaming monitor with dual HD projectors. Domescreen 90-180cm diameter. We supply rear foil (rear projection foil) with up to 3m width and with various colors and gain factor. Also available is a black rear foil that reflects at a very high contrast.

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