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Swedish AudioPro with new uniquely simple wireless speaker system that is easy to connect in public spaces or home environment with a single power strip or simple power outlet in the wall or ceiling. Black or white color. We can also paint in any color as you wish.

No wiring is required. Even spotlights in the same design and execution of simple mounting on rail with ceiling or wall. Strong wireless subwoofer for extra thin version with deep comfortable base. 

Can be controlled with old reciver or smartphone or pc, tablet, etc. Quick installation. Only the power plug is needed and long range without interference from other wireless products. 

Contact us to request what you need for the sound system for the size of the premises. We also make visits to the customer if it is relevant to quote and audio equipment proffsionell sound engineer from SONAB

Installation, Restaurang Örebro ÅGATAN 3. 2016

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Fast installation is promised against pulling type 100's meter cables to speakers with tall ladders, etc., expensive installation costs.


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